Disability movement is ‘part of the global working class’

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"It has been 30 years since passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  I was born in 1996 so I grew up under it, and the word that comes first to mind when I think about the ADA is access.   I was lucky to have a wonderful advocacy team in school, but when I graduated and moved into the wider world, having experiences and talking to other disabled folks, I discovered how rare that is.   Like many disabled people I am unemployed.     The blind community alone faces a 75% unemployment rate.   Like many folks, especially during this time period, I receive government benefits.    It’s not enough to live on and a little too much to die.   It seems we have the right to accessibility, but not the access itself.   If you have more than $2,000 and are on Social Security, they can cut you off.     Yet things like accessible equipment, health care and paying for necessary services are expensive — not to mention rent, bills and food.  Many disabled folks are trapped…

Letter to the editor: The Democrat operating system is satanism

The revered apostle of the Democrat Party is Saul Alinsky who dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer. Alinskyism is subtle Bolshevik Communism but also calls for fraud, deceit, slander, false propaganda, immoral tactics to gain power. Alinsky motto, “Don’t shoot until we have the power." There is no vision of the future, just tear down existing social structures and remove Constitutional protections. Every city and state that Democrats control have become cesspits of poverty and crime. California, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, etc. The Democrat platform for 2020 is a package of immoral and financial fraud designed to put the coffin nails in what was the United States — two of which are discussed below.
The Democrat’s high sacrament is abortion. Abortion anytime after conception is against God’s will. Democrat supported baby slaughter houses, such as Planned Parenthood, encourage late term abortions and even post birth abortions, even though modern science provides th…

Ryan George Day!

By Best in Moderation
Ok, ok, ok, so I may have been spending too much time on youtube lately, but I've just finished watching a ton of clips from one guy and it's IMO worth sharing.
Just a note: yes, this guy does play every character in every bit.
Ryan George's take on 2020:

Ryan George's take on masks:

Ryan George's take on the News in general, which is gold for all us junkies:

Hope you enjoy it!

Louisiana Supreme Court Won't Review Life Sentence For Man Who Stole Hedge Clippers

Louisiana Supreme Court Won't Review Life Sentence For Man Who Stole Hedge ClippersAugust 5, 20206:22 PM ET The Louisiana Supreme Court denied Fair Wayne Bryant's request to review his life sentence for stealing hedge clippers. Bryant has already spent nearly 23 years in prison for the crime. Paul J. Richards/AFP via Getty Images A Louisiana man will continue to spend his life in prison for stealing a pair of hedge clippers, after the state's Supreme Court denied his request to review a lower court's sentence.Fair Wayne Bryant was convicted in 1997 of stealing the hedge clippers. Prosecutors pursued and won a life sentence in the case, a penalty permissible under the state's habitual offender law. Bryant appealed the life sentence as too severe.Chief Justice Bernette Johnson was the sole dissenter in the court's decision last week, writing that Bryant's sentence is "excessive and disproportionate to the offense" — and that it was costin…

Weather experts issue most threatening hurricane forecast yet

Weather experts issue most threatening hurricane forecast yet
Updated on: August 6, 2020 / 10:28 AM
By Jeff Berardelli
The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is racking up storms at breakneck speed. To date, the season is about two weeks ahead of record pace and it's only one third of the way through. On Wednesday, the news became more concerning as the research team at Colorado State University (CSU) — the standard bearer for seasonal forecasts — released the most dire forecast in their 37-year history. Labeling the 2020 hurricane season "extremely active," the team is now predicting 24 named storms, including 12 total hurricanes and 5 major hurricanes — each figure about double that of a normal season. If the forecast proves accurate, 2020 would be the second most active Atlantic hurricane season, behind only the record-shattering 2005 season which brought Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma. Only 21 storm names are allotted each year because the letters Q, U, X, Y and Z are not u…

Who are you?

Identity… we all have one. It’s the personal foundation around which we tend to live out our lives.It occupies a central part of our being. True, it can change with time and circumstances, but as Paul McCartney penned in a great song, and I so agree, “We always come back to the songs we were singing, at any particular time.” Rather profound, IMO. So how do people basically tend to see themselves?Well, many see themselves, their identity, as mostly reflected in, for some examples, their ethnicity, their race, their sexual orientation, their religions association, their academic achievements, their political standing, their social standing, their health choices, their occupation, etc.Many facets can and do make up who we each are.It’s true that we are not any one single thing. But it’s also true that we are, first and foremost, certain specific things.That’s where I’m going with this OP.I want to know what you see as the current foundations in your life, at this moment in time.As John De…

Metal detectorist guards £100k hoard of silver for two sleepless nights over 'nighthawk' fears

Metal detectorist guards £100k hoard of silver for two sleepless nights over 'nighthawk' fears Luke Mahoney with his Minelab Equinox 800 at The Lindsey Rose pub - Roger Arbon/Solent News & Photo AgencyA metal detectorist spent two nights guarding the hoard of £100,000 worth of silver civil war coins he had discovered for fear that “nighthawks” would steal the trove if he went home.Luke Mahoney, 40, was scouring for precious metals near the Lindsey Rose Pub in Ipswich with two friends last Sunday morning when he found a “beautiful” gold coin and a sixpence on the field.They took a break for lunch and returned to the site to find that a plough had cracked a clay earthenware pot buried 2ft beneath the ground.By the end of the afternoon, Mr Mahoney, who has been metal detecting for more than a decade, was “delighted” to have helped unearth 1,078 silver, hammered coins, including some possibly dating back to the 15th century. “They were everywhere. It was pandemoniu…